Moetry teach you how to boost your Play Area

Moetry teach you how to  boost your Play Area

How to boost the bussiness is the most concern question of our many existing indoor play land operators.

Here we bring some tips to boost your play area leading into the festive period .Hope they can do help to your bussiness!

1. Train your staff

Try and employ staff with specific key desirable skills such as those who have experience with a variety of activities e.g. dance, music, leadership skills, football, singing, roller-skating, cooking, storytelling, baking .

2. Refurbishment

Purchase some new products from our website! We are constantly expanding range of playground products every month. We have a massive range of inflatable bouncer,soft play and other assorted components to match nearly every theme! You could even speak to your local special school about working with them to introduce a dedicated sensory area to your play provision. It's also very important to make sure your play area stays clean! 

3. Attract their parents

 Offering more activities for the parents to get involved in. You could also offer the adults classes in subjects such as cooking or fitness, or even start a family study and heathly club.  coffee area  is also popilar by parents.

4. Make full use of your free space

Advertise areas like Sports Court which can be hired out 'out of hours'. These large, open areas are ideal for things like aerobics, yoga classes, party rooms etc. You could approach your local children’s football team or similar to use the area also.

5. Introduce a loyalty card 

In exchange for people’s loyalty you could offer free entry for kids or a free coffee for parents. Introduce a loyalty card to encourage return visits, ‘Money Off’ coupons, or schemes such as ‘Bring 2 Kids and the 3rd Goes FREE’, or ‘Purchase 5, Get the 6th Free’ for each paid entry or for purchases from your cafe.

6. Celebration

The birthday of your play area is worth shouting about! Celebrate your 'play area birthday' by throwing a Birthday Bash. Hire a clown or magician for entertainment. Create a party atmosphere by offering face painters, balloon makers, jugglers, photographers and even local celebrities! Everybody likes to see local businesses do well, so why not contact your local press and spread the word!

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