What Is Children Indoor Playgrounds?

Inclement weather can put a damper on kids' abilities to play outdoors. Yet, it is important for children to get exercise and release playful energy, even when weather does not permit. When instances such as these arise, parents often bring their kids to indoor playgrounds to have some fun. Indoor playgrounds offer children the same benefits of an outdoor playground, while being inside an air-conditioned or heated building.


  • If your child is interested in rock climbing, you can find indoor playgrounds that offer rock climbing walls. Many indoor facilities have a variety of climbing walls that range in difficulty, so that even beginner climbers can have fun. Indoor playgrounds may be specifically for rock climbing, or they may have a variety of other activities included in the facility as well.

Group Games

  • Some indoor playgrounds will publish a schedule of group games and activities for children hosted by the facility, such as indoor dodge ball or activities for children ages 3 to 5. Find out whether reservations are necessary, or if walk-ins are accepted. If you are a member of an indoor playground and you have a recurring or one-time membership fee that you pay, you will most likely have access to group activities free of charge. Families that are nonmembers may be subjected to a small fee for their child to play in the games and use the facilities.


  • Indoor playgrounds are stocked with fun equipment for your child to play with, from jumping rope to slides to monkey bars. Padded mats are usually laid on the floor underneath equipment such as monkey bars to keep kids safe from injury if they are to fall. Some indoor playgrounds have sandboxes, as well as tunnels to crawl through and playhouses to explore. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the shared equipment, find out if the indoor playground will allow you to bring in some of your own items (such as jump rope), or ask them what their policy is for cleaning and sterilizing the equipment for germs.

Rental Space for Parties

  • You can rent space in indoor playgrounds for your child's birthday party. Many times indoor playgrounds will allow you to bring in your own food, such as pizza, sodas and birthday cake, as long as you clean up afterward. (You may also have to supply your own napkins, cups and plastic utensils). When you rent space for a party the kids can roam free throughout the playground and play for the duration of your rental time. The indoor playground's staff will be present to supervise various activities (such as rock wall climbing) to ensure the safety of your child and his friends.


  • Indoor playgrounds have rules to keep children safe. Parents and children must adhere to the rules of the playground or you may be asked to leave. Rules apply to behavior as well as to dress codes.

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